Become a Taskr

Taskrs are our term for our employees. Instead of offering full or part time employment, we offer what we like to call flexible employment. Flexible employment is exactly that- it gives you the opportunity to work as much or as little as you want, whenever you are available. We do not make you work a schedule, or a minimum number of hours per week; rather you pick your schedule from the available jobs based on when you are interested in working. We hire taskrs in a wide variety of categories including labour, sales, admin, etc. You can be hired for one task category or several.

With Nowtaskr, you have a flexible way to pick up tasks on your own schedule, allowing you to have a greater work and life balance, work around other work or school schedules, or for times when you need a little extra cash. We never pay minimum wage and no need to let us know if your going on vacation.

When we receive a new task for your category, we contact you and you have the opportunity to accept the task, or if you do not wish to accept the task, don’t worry - you don’t have to do anything. But you should act quickly if you do, as all taskrs in your category will be contacted about the task, and the task can be filled quickly.

What's our hiring process?

We believe resumes are over rated so we have developed our own system to get to know you better! We have an in depth hiring process, this includes: an online application, reference checks, an online interview, an in person interview, Yeah, we know - lots of steps - BUT, if it very important to us that we are hiring the best of the best, as professionalism is at the height of what we do as you act as a direct ambassador for Nowtaskr. We pride ourselves on hiring taskrs who are hard working, professional, prompt and able to follow instructions to a tee. If we select you to join our team you will be required to provide us with a police record check. You will not be able to start accepting tasks until we receive this information.

Want to earn more?

Once you get hired on as one of our taskrs you will be given a taskr Id. Your Taskr ID is unique to you. You can give your Taskr ID to potential clients. When a client uses your Taskr ID when requesting our services, you will be directly contacted for this task.

 As a special thank you for being such a great Taskr and selling our great services to your contacts, you will earn an additional 5% bonus for the task even if you are unavailable! The more you sell our services, the more you'll earn!

Ready to be a taskr?

We are currently recruiting for Taskrs in all of our services areas.